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Yoni Steaming is a historic practice that is 100% natural and safe. This hydrotherapy is a form of vaginal rejuvenation where a variety and speific amount of herbs are absorbed into the womb to encourage cleansing of the lymphatic system to naturally expel and flush out harmful toxins. It's also designed to prevent build-up in-between menstrual cycles, prevent future infections as well as maintaining overall health of the reproductive system.


This blend of organic herbs provides extra strength healing properities for a powerful cleanse. This blend of organic herbs focuses on correction if infections that are re occuring.


🌱Benefits include:

-Cleanses old lining build up and balances hormones

-Anti bacterial/ Anti fungual/ Anti viral

-Heals & relieves inflammation, assists with nerve afflictions

-Fights & prevents infections

- Stimulates & strengthens uterine qualities for uterine health

-Balances pH, ovarian tonic, regulates menstruated cycles & hormones


🌱Handmade item.


Materials: Motherwort, lavendar, lemon peels, nettle and peppermint.




Miracle steam (Disinfectant blend)

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  • Benefits include:

    - Deodorizes
    - Cleanses toxins from the womb
    -  Healthy vagina flora
    - Detoxifies and heals the vaginal tears/ scars
    - Clears dampness/ damp heat
    - Invigorates blood
    - Resolves phlegm
    - Nourishes blood, kidney, spleen and liver
    - Address stasis/ addresses stagnation within the uterus

    Yoni Steaming Ritual in 10 Steps

    1. Place six cups of spring water into your pot and bring to a boil.
    2. Add 3 tablespoons of yoni steaming herbs to the water. Stir well.
    3. Cover and steep with lid on for five minutes.
    4. Turn off heat and allow water to cool with the lid on for 5 minutes.
    5. Remove the pot with water and herbs from stove and carefully pour into your stainless steel or
    glass bowl.
    6. Position bowl under the yoni steam seat you have set up for yourself. The goal is to have the
    bowl of hot water about 15 inches below your seat.
    7. Disrobe from the waist down (except for warm socks) and carefully sit down on the chair or seat,
    and begin to feel the steam rising up to meet you.
    8. Wrap your legs and waist with a warm blanket to keep the steam inside. Note: The steam should
    feel warm and gentle – if it feels too hot, separate your legs or stand up to avoid burns.
    9. Stay sitting, wrapped in warm blankets, over the steam for 25 minutes. Take this time to visualize,
    journal and/or gently massage your lower abdomen to encourage the herbal steam to work.
    10. After the steam is finished, move directly from the seat to bed, and wrap yourself up with warm
    covers. Lie down for at least one hour, or ideally for the entire night.